Try refueling with Self Service

How to put gasoline (Fill Up)

  1. Park in area where there is a "Self" sign.

  2. Check the number on your refueling machine; tell Staff at register "Fill Up" on number.

  3. Open the gas tank and remove gas cap. Remove the nozzle from the gas pump, raise the lever on the bottom and choose Unleaded.
    *If you're using a "Smart” vehicle, use Premium Gasoline.

  4. Place nozzle in the gas tank opening and hold the grip of the nozzle up. It will stop automatically once it comes to full. After it stops, pump the grip of the nozzle 2-3 times to manually fill up. Then put the nozzle back in place, close the gas cap and gas tank.

  5. Tell the number of refueling machine to register and pay.

*Guam's Gas Stations - Shell, Mobil and 76 are all the same fee for gas. There are gas attendants at Shell Gas Station that will help which is very convenient and recommended.
*Please make sure gas is full tank before returning the car and have a copy of your receipt.